TAPP Training

TAPP training is delivered in two levels:

Level 1: Introductory training of the principles, rationale and practice of TAPP (TAPP 1 – see below). This is for practitioners who wish to use these principles in their practice of working with young people with mental health difficulties, and to develop greater depth in understanding psychodynamic work with young people

Level 2: Formal training as a TAPP practitioner and/or supervisor. Practitioner and supervisor training in TAPP is accredited as a Kite-marked training by the British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC). On successful completion of the course, graduates may describe themselves as having graduated from a BPC accredited training in TAPP. Individual practitioners can be contacted through the BPC website, where there is a list of all accredited practitioners

Training courses for both Level 1 and Level 2 are delivered in two formats:

Format 1: Courses delivered through the TAPP network in conjunction with educational and practice organisations. Level 1 courses take place at regular intervals, and dates are advertised on this website; Level 2 courses are available according to demand.

Format 2: Courses delivered through organisations and groups where a number of therapists wish to undertake TAPP training. These courses are designed to meet the needs of the teams, groups, services and organisations, and are developed in conjunction with the

Training in both formats is delivered through in-person, online and blended methods

TAPP Practitioner Training

Practitioner training consists of a combination of didactic and practice learning, and involves three modules:  

  • TAPP 1: 2 days (15 hours) introductory teaching/learning of the TAPP model and method: preparation for practice. This is also the core training for Level 1.
  • TAPP 2: Supervised practice of 2 TAPP cases
  • TAPP 3: 3 days (22.5 hours) reflective workshops linking theory and practice

To complete the practitioner training, participants will be expected to successfully complete all three modules including the assessments.

The TAPP practitioner training handbook can be accessed here.

For further information contact: stephenbriggs04@gmail.com