About TAPP

Time-limited Adolescent Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (TAPP)  is a time-limited individual psychotherapy, consisting of an Assessment /Engagement phase (4 sessions) a Treatment phase (16 sessions) and Review (I session).  

TAPP is a manualised time-limited, dynamic psychotherapy for adolescents and young adults in the age range (approximately) of 14-25 years. TAPP is a distinctive, adolescent-centred brief therapy, formulating problem behaviours, states of mind, feelings and symptoms as disturbances to the adolescent developmental process. Therapeutic work with a developmental focus aims to enable young people to recover the capacity to meet developmental challenges, and reduce mental health difficulties. The approach is relevant to and works with the experiences of young people in contemporary social and cultural contexts, including:

  • Complex presentations of mental health diagnoses with psychosocial vulnerabilities
    • Difficulties in relationships (including e.g. (self)destructive relationships and self-harm/suicidality)
    • Anxieties and difficulties around separation
    • Depression
    • A need for second treatments
    • An external time-limit
    • Post-traumatic presentations
    • Transitions from children’s to adult services