The international network for TAPP practice and research

The TAPP network

TAPP is a time-limited psychodynamic therapy for young people The international network aims to further the development, research, application, and dissemination of TAPP

Upcoming seminars, courses and events

TAPP courses:

2-day online Introduction to TAPP: 15th and 16th September 2023, followed by full TAPP practitioner training (BPC accredited)

Please use the contact form/email to indicate your interest and ask questions

This introductory course is for all who wish to know the principles and practice of TAPP.

It provides a CPD training to enable practitioners to develop an understanding of the therapeutic approach of TAPP, and to apply the elements of TAPP to their existing skills and knowledge so that they can be used in their own work settings.  

It forms the first module of the TAPP practitioner training (BPC accredited)